There are a variety of PC cleaners on the market, many of them which are not free to use. However, PC users should not settle for purchasing an expensive PC cleaner when there are free alternatives like CCleaner that are more than capable of performing the job effectively. The first thing that sticks out when using CCleaner is the speed of the file analysis and cleaning. A full analysis of what all could be cleaned from the PC took no longer than 2 minutes, and this was done on a fairly large hard drive. The actual file cleaning took no longer then 60 seconds. Users do not have to settle for hour long scans like some of the other so-called cleaners may offer. Both the speed of the scan, and the resources that the program uses (around 10MB) truly gives CCleaner credibility in being the one to trust to optimize your PC. In addition to file cleaning, CCleaner is also capable of registry cleaning, uninstalling programs, system restore, and even managing startup items. Managing startup items in particular can be quite useful, and many users may find that they are able to cut their PC start-time in half by using the startup tool to remove some unnecessary startup programs. CCleaner may not offer dozens of tools like a full PC optimization program, but CCleaner offers some of the more important tools, and best of all, its free. Install this program on your PC, your work PC, Grandmas PC, and any other PC you may use.

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